Ietabolizm glicogen slăbire

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Hyperglycerolemia, also known as Glycerol kinase deficiency (GKD), is a genetic disorder where the enzyme glycerol kinase is deficient resulting in a build-up of glycerol in the body. Glycerol kinase is responsible for synthesizing triglycerides and glycerophospholipids.

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Polysaccharide are carb molecules made of long chain monosaccharides. Elaborately, Polysaccharides are polymeric carbohydrate molecules composed of long chains of monosaccharide units bound together by glycosidic linkages and on hydrolysis give the constituent monosaccharides or oligosaccharides.

Antibody−drug conjugates (ADCs) consist of three primary components: a monoclonal antibody that targets a tumor antigen with high tumor expression, a cytotoxic agent, and a linker system that releases drug from the antibody upon internalization into cancer cells.

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Abstract. Glycogen is a branched polymer of glucose that acts as a store of energy in times of nutritional sufficiency for utilization in times.

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